How to represents VTK file in preview


I am new on Paraview. I have VTK file format and I would like to show the temperature gradient in paraview. However, I do not now to how operated. I saw some examples on Youtyob but it did not give me what I am looking for.

The file is describing the temperature of a tip needle going through the object. So, how I could represent that in Paraview?

the file consists with:

  • cell id information
  • cell type
  • temperature gradient data (x,y,z)

This question seems to be on the basic operation of ParaView. I suggest you take some time to go over some of the early exercises in the ParaView tutorial (which you can download by going to the Help menu and selecting ParaView Tutorial).

If you want a more specific answer, I think we need a more specific question. So, you open the .vtk file, Apply it, and then color it by the temperature gradient. What do you see? And what do you want to see?