How to reset coordinates in Paraview

Paraview 5.8.0
I set the display of axes grid in my case, but the output result is not very satisfactory. I want to reset the coordinates to the boundary intersection point. May I ask how I can achieve it? Or what methods can achieve the same effect?

Hi @ShenY

Please share your data.

Thank you very much for your answer @mwestphal
Here is my data. (167.7 KB)

Works fine here:

How do you extract your data ?

Here is my set.

Hide the “phi-000” to fix the issue

I output these data through a software, but I am not familiar with internal operations. I want to achieve the following effect by changing the coordinate origin. Can I achieve this?

Hide the “phi-000” to fix the issue by clicking on the “eye”

I know this operation, but I actually want to change the scale of the coordinates and the position of the origin, so that the origin is at the intersection of a certain boundary and not in the middle position

I have no idea what is your question or what you want to do.

Maybe try using Transform filter ?

For example, I want to set the boundary here to start at 0

Could you please tell me where this is

For example, my (0,0,0) is here at the center of the box, and I want to move it to the bottom left corner position :rofl:

Filters → Alphabetical → TransformFilter

Thank you, I will try it.