How to run ParaView (including the binary release) using EGL on Windows

Dear All,

I want to run Paraview (pvpython etc) in a headless server with a K80 but in windows. I need OpenGL. I suppose I need EGL.

Can someone provide the links that instructs how to do that?

Thanks in Advance,

Luís Gonçalves

Build the superbuild with EGL activated:

But OSMesa is for CPU OpenGL, no? I want OpenGL for K80 GPGPU. Please confirm or not.

Good point, enable EGL.

There are EGL for Windows? Is not only for Linux?

The EGL standard is defined for windows as well but afaik it is not tested with ParaView.

Is EGL that comes with Paraview, if compiled in Windows, works?

ParaView Windows Release is not build with EGL support AFAIK.

But if I compile the SuperBuild with EGL in Windows it works or may work?

And I do not know the meaning of “AFAIK”.

It may work.

AFAIK means: As far as I know.

The zip of sources of super build has only 0.5K. Something missing. Can you help me?

Just read the readme from

ParaView supports multiple rendering engines including egl, mesa, osmesa, and qt5. All of these are incompatible with each other. If none of these are chosen, a UI-less ParaView will be built (basically just pvpython). On Windows and macOS, only the qt5 rendering engine is available.

Too bad, you can try forcing it and see how it goes, but it will probably not work.