How to run the VTK Remote Renderer Example

I would like to run the following example:

But I didn’t understand how to have it working on my computer.
I downloaded the source code from here, I successfully run the commands:

$ npm install
$ npm run build:release

I see there is the source code for the demo here: “\src\NativeUI\Canvas\RemoteRenderer\example”
But actually I didn’t understand how to spin-it up.
I found this example on github where Dmreagan was able to create a working client. I tried to run it and it worked.

Just because I add a couple of new features to the client code, I would like to build and run the original project and see if everything is working.
Thanks for your time.


A more modern approach will be to use the following example:

You can see the code on that web page but once transpiled it produce that standalone HTML page.
That way you can download it and serve it via your own web server.

In general you will have to create your own web project that will create such view and then serve it so it can connect to a backend server to do remote rendering using either ParaView or VTK.

Both ParaViewWeb or vtk.js are Web libraries and therefore are not an application that you can build and run. You need to create your own application using pieces of those libraries in order to achieve what you are looking for. That’s why we have examples that show you how to create applications using those libraries.



Thanks for the reply.
Ok, basically I should “compose” the application using different “libraries”.
That’s make sense. I’ll give a try later.