How to save data as .cgns type for each time step

Dear ParaView experts,

Hello. I’m using version 5.9.1, trying to save data to .cgns type for each time step of my simulation. But I found there is no option regarding timestep under “File-Save Data-Files of type CGNS”. However, for .csv and .ply etc. I can choose to save for each timestep. Could you please guide me on how to do it for .cgns?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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Yes, you should use CGNS extractor, and then use Save Extracts.


My bad, this is not available in 5.9.1. So I advise you to download a newer version (5.11 is the latest), or do some python scripting.

Dear Nicolas,

The problem has been solved following your kind suggestion. Thank you very much!

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