How to save finite element data to import in Paraview?

Hello everyone!

I have 2D finite element data (originally generated in Matlab) and I am trying to import them in Paraview.

My data are organized in the following matrices:

  1. CRD(# of nodes, 2) which gives the 2D coordinates of the nodes in the domain,
  2. Nodes(# of nodes per element,# of elements) which provides the connectivity between the nodes,
  3. U(# of nodes, 2) which gives the x & y velocities per node, and
  4. P(# of nodes, 1) which gives the pressure on a node.

However, I am not quite sure how can I put all these in the appropriate form so that they can be imported in Paraview. I have tried some matlab codes with vtk file type but without success. I would appreciate your help!

Use vtkwrite :

Dear Mathieu,

Thank you for your response! I tried using that but it does not seem to work in my case.


Then you probably need to ask on a matlab support forum.

Will do!