how to save .mhd ??


First of all thankyou for support.

The main purpose is to visualize the ‘Volume’ shown in Paraview with Unreal Engine.

After searching, it was confirmed that it was saved and used in .mhd format, but there is no save option in the version I installed. (paraview5.10.1)

Or is there a better way?

You should be able to save an image data to .mhd, are you sure you are handling an image data ? Which format are suggested to you ?

hello, Thanks for your answer.
In conclusion, I succeeded in exporting in .mhd format. By applying the ‘Resample to image’ filter, it became possible to save in *.mhd format.
However, a problem arose. Color coordinate values ​​are not represented when entering this data type into Unreal Engine. Unreal plugin used ‘Raymarcher’.
Is there an option to extract color coordinates when saving in *.mhd file format?

What are “Color Coordinates” ?

I use the Paraview and Color Coordinates means color values. (or mapping? )

Please check the attached image. I am unprofessional and need some help.

This is expected. You could export the surfave to a .vtp before resaving it into a .mhd to keep them