How to Scale Up Data and Axis.

I am new to ParaView. I have generated a plot (X.Y Graph ) using the plot data over-line option. The data are are displayed in a dimensionless form (0 to 1) scale. Can ParaView be used to scale up the existed data and re-plot the graph in 0 - 100 axis? So, for example ((1,7) would read (10,70) in the new plot). I have tried ( axis > scale factor option) and it did not work.

You can set custom ranges on your axis, however, is your data between 1 and 7 or between 10 and 70 ?

Matheiu Westphal, that will only scale up the axis, but not the plotted data.
What I want to do is to scale up both the axis and the data . My plotted date range is between 0 and 1. And I would like to multiply each figure in this data by 10, consequently, 1 should read 10 and 0.7 should read 7. Using ParaView.

Sure, use a Filters->Calculator to rescale your data.

Thanks Mathieu,
Interestingly, when I multiply the data by 10, Only the Y axis Values change. Any practical suggestion?

You may want to multiply the arc-length (or the array you uses as a X axis) as well.

The X axis reads 1 to 100, that is done perfectly. But, the plotted data has not been multiplied by 10. It is still in 0 to 1 range.
How to multiply the coordsX values?

Well, just use two Calculators, one to scale your variable, one to scale the X axis.

Hello Everyone,
I have vtk file that I want to decrease the Z axis scale. How can I do it?
The Z axis of my data is depth and is between 0 and 220 km.

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