How to see ids of polydata objects ?

Hi, guys.
I am displaying data with paraview.
The data is composed of discrete elements. i.e. each element is displayed by a PolyData.
I write result into *.vtp file.
I can see all elements together.

The problem is that there are too many elements that I cannot distinguish them. By other words, I want to id for each polydata.

Thus, I want to ask, if paraview could display id at center of each polydata? Or any other places ?

Any alternative way is also helpful


Are you using a multiblock ?

Not currently.
Do you mean by using *.vtm ?
Could paraview display id of each polydata if I use *.vtm?
I mean, display id of each polydata at center of the polydata.

Yes, .vtm stands for VTk Multiblock

I do not think this is possible.