How to set up an object or property link with python

I want to set up an object link between two clip planes within a macro written in python.
Camera linking is easy with AddCameraLink(). Is there something similar for other links as well?

Is there any way to do this?

Even though it is not traced not exposed by a simple method, it is possible to create the links.

Here is how the CameraLink is created internally :

link = servermanager.vtkSMCameraLink()
link.AddLinkedProxy(viewProxy.SMProxy, 1)
link.AddLinkedProxy(viewProxyOther.SMProxy, 2)
link.AddLinkedProxy(viewProxyOther.SMProxy, 1)
link.AddLinkedProxy(viewProxy.SMProxy, 2)
servermanager.ProxyManager().RegisterLink(linkName, link)

And here is the documentation that should get you started :

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I tried linking two slice planes together via AddCameraLink(slice1.SliceType, slice2.SliceType, ‘link0’) which produced no error in the python shell. However, after executing this command ParaView (5.6.0) crashes when I try to access “Tools>Manage Links…”

Any idea why this might be happening?

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