How to setup Key Auth/Password for Client Server Auth in Windows

Hi, I’m trying to set up a Paraview client/server. I’m using the client in Windows & server in Ubuntu. I’m writing the pvsc file to set up, and I’m stuck at authentication.

when I try to connect to a server, I can enter the password in the terminal, but there is no automated setup. For this, I’m playing around with the delay option by setting a longer time so that I can enter the password before the client tries to connect to the server.

I’m trying to set up a public/private key setup, but I don’t see any tag in to pass a key file to authenticate.

Help me with the correct approach to authenticate clients with the server from a windows machine.

Setup a ssh key

I have set the SSH key, but how do I pass it to PVSC, i mean what is the tag for it in <SSHConfig>

currently, I’m using as below, though it works there is no standard way

<SSHConfig user="$SSH_USER$">
	  <SSH exec="ssh -i <PATH>" />

I’m looking for something like <SSHIdentityFile> or something similar

There is nothing to put in the pvsc, it will “just work”.

So <SSH exec="ssh -i <PATH>" /> this the correct way to use the ssh key?

Yes, if you want to use a specific ssh key, but you should be able to set that in your .ssh/config

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how can i set up ssh-add for autologin with this setup in Windows instead of passing ssh -i ?
because in the default terminal(CMD) it doesn’t hold values & prompt asks to enter password.