how to show 1D beam element thickness

I have a Ls-Dyna result d3plot file consists of 1d beam element. The beam element can only be displayed as line but no thickness or diameter. Paraview is a powerful software, and I believe it can show the real diamter of line elements like Ls-Prepost. And I want to how to do that.
Can anyone tell me how to realize it? Thank you.

Try the “Tube” filter.

Thank you very much for your help but I can’t find somewhere to set different line widths for different lines, and line width will not chenge when I zoom in or out. Do I need to reset line width after zooming in or out? Could you please help me with this?

Tube doesnt support that sadly

Interesting feature idea though.

I see, thank you.

Nevermind, the Tube filter does support varying radius from the data array.

You should try it or share your data if needeed.