How to show and hide objects based on mouse interaction?

I have multiple point cloud data that are positioned based on pose graph’s vertices and I want to visualize it partly based on the camera position.

The updateZoomFromWheel function has already been written by default as an example.

  • First question
    I want to write the mouse interaction function in the paraview’s backend which is similar to the following link. How can I achieve this?
  • Second question
    What is the efficient way to load and unload data, I have already found two ways:
Hide(point_cloud_ply, viewProxy)


del point_cloud_ply

Delete method seems to be more efficient than Hide.

  1. Do you want/need to write it yourself? Or do you want to use the existing one since it is available?
  2. Delete deletes and Hide hides. So only Delete truly free memory.
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Thanks. The answer to the second question is clear to me.
About the first question, I want to write it myself while using the existing one as reference.
Because I want to delete and show 3D objects based on camera position which is affected by the user’s mouse input.

Hi. Any update for this question? Does Paraview support overriding mouse interaction function to add other functionality?