How to show cells that had a certain value at any given timestep?


I do CFD with phase changes and I need to see what had been melted. The general goal is an comparison with micrographs from experiments. A heat source melts my material (a value changes from 0 to 1) and the material resolidifies (value goes back to 0).

So I need to be able to show all cells that had myValue=1 at any given time in one final result.

Any help on how to achieve this is appreciated!

Not sure this is doable easily, but at least you can easily recover the cells with myValue==1 by using Edit->FindData window.

Thank you.
So far i got Segmentation fault (core dumped). Was I doing to many things at the same time with two times paraview open and a pvpython script running?

There might exist a way to output an vtk set of the wanted cells via an openFoam function. That sure won’t be easy as well, though.