How to show Glyph immediately when loading pvd files ?

I am writing a numerical program for method like DEM. Each element is a discrete element which is represented by a vtkPolyData. So I wrote displacement data into *.vtp file and organized with .pvd files. Paraview works greatly !
In some times, I need to check stresses of elements with 3d vectors. It looks just like show 3d vector for point normal or face normal.
I know Glyph could show this.
But I have to add Glyph every time.
Is there a way that paraview could show Glyph graph immediately when I load *.pvd file?

I would suggest looking at macros - they let you record some actions, and replay them by clicking a button. You could, immediately after loading a .pvd file, record the actions that you take to add a glyph graph and set up it’s parameters, as a macro.
HTH, Aron

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Another solution is to use state files.

  • Open Your file
  • Setup your glyphs
  • File -> SaveState

You can then laod the state to recover the state of the application.

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Thank you, I tried it. Both method works!