How to show only vertex values in the spreadsheet view

Hi all,
I have vtu file which has about 500 nodes or vertices. I am trying to use the spreadsheet view to obtain the solution at the individual nodes or vertices; however, switching to spreadsheet view shows data at bout 1471 points. I tried to change the attribute in the spreadsheet view from “point data” to “vertex data” but that just displays an empty spreadsheet.
I will be glad if anyone could suggest a work around. I am attaching the vtu file just in case it will help with the answering.
fluid-000010.vtu (26.4 KB)


I VTK and ParaView world, Vertex refer specifically to Graph datasets attributes.

Usual meshes like UnstructuredGrid are composed only of Points and Cells. Some reference about that: 3. Understanding Data — ParaView Documentation 5.11.0 documentation

In your case, all the data is associated to the points.

Hi Nicolas,
Thanks for the clarification, it helps a lot! Thanks for pointing out the chapter in the documentation as well.


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