How to show particles inside fluid

I am working on paraview, i want to show my particles in the fluid box, i have two files one is fluid and other is particles after clicking the fluid file the fluid show but when i open the particles file the particles scattered outside the fluid box not adjust inside in the fluid i am sharing the image for clear understanding, please guide me about this as early as possible.Thanks

Please share your files

Thanks Mathieu,
I have attached my both particles and fluid files,please see and guide me how to show particles inside fluid,waiting for your quick response.Thanks

data_fluid.xdmf (1.7 KB)
data_particle.xdmf (2.7 KB)

missing h5 files

Which file has no h5 files,could you please explain it more.Thanks

with these two files also have h5 file, i have attached h5 are asking about it?

data.h5 (442.1 KB)

I’m able to open the particles, ParaView shows them where they are. You probably have an issue in your file generation.

yes the particle file is also open here but it is not adjusting on the fluid box,could you send me the image how you adjust particles over fluid.Thanks

Why would it adjust to the box ?

Actually i want to show both particles and fluid like a sedimentation how i do that?

ParaView is a toolbox, you have to use the tools to be able to do what you want.

What does “Like a sedimentation” means to you ?

ok i understand,now i want to show data of these two filesn in one box,how to do that?

Well, you should either generate the data in the right location or transform it in ParaView to put it in the right location.

how do you generate these particles ?

i am using the softeware to produce files like data.conf and data.h5 then i use python code to convert this data into fluid and particles files like usinh this command data.conf

How i can transfer it in paraview to put it in the right location?

Thanks Mathieu i got the solution.