How to solve errors occured when two Paraview clients connect to a pvserver?

I have made a ParaView server by two virtual machine on a host machine. It is normal when I connect to the server using only one ParaView client. But errors(as follow pic) occured when I connect the server using the second ParaView client. In other words, my server side can’t be connected by more than one ParaView client in the same time.

pvserver --multi-clients

Thank you Mathieu!! By the way if there is a quantitative limitation of clients of a ParaView server side.

multi client is a collaborative mode where each client see the same data, not a server in a web service sense.
I do not think there is a hard limit but it was not designed with scalability in mind and I would not recommend connecting more than 4 clients.

BTW, this mode is being phased out and may be removed in the future.

Thank you Mathieu! This mode is not what I want. I want to have a server that can serve several clients and those clients working apartly from each other just like what I drew follows(forgive my poor drawing work). If there a way to achieve what I want?


This is not supported directly by ParaView. Looks like you want something akin to ParaViewWeb visualizer mechanism or a script system that will create a pvserver everytime a user needs it.

Awesome drawing skills btw. :monkey_face: :rabbit: :robot:.