how to study the code of paraview ?

I want to know more about paraview, I want to study the code, so, have any suggestions or document ?
Thank you.

Hello and welcome:

The code is here:

The wiki is here:

The doc is here:

ParaView is a big software though, we are you trying to achieve ?

I suggest you build paraview from source, and then look into the code in IDE, which offers clear hierarchical levels and class connections, like I did. I have been studying this for a long time.

Thanks everyone, I will learn it step by step.

Dear Yoshino, I download the source, and run it in qt, then two errors are throwed, and the process costs about 3 minutes. So, Can i conveniently debug the source in qt ? As i am a developer of paraview.

Well, I think you have to build a paraview project with CMake as [paraview wiki/build and install](link removed, see below) suggests. The errors may result from incompatibility among paraview components(e.g. Python, Qt, CMake). Iā€™m not sure whether paraview source could be directly run on Qt.

Please, do not use the wiki, but the instead :

okay, but why? I followed wiki and it worked for me.

I think Mathieu want to say the is more updated then wiki which may out of date compare to latest source code

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That makes sense, a lot of modules on wiki has long been deprecated(e.g. plugin-howto) so I have to look into ParaviewPlugin.cmake file for cmake functions.
But I use paraview 5.7 source and the latest now is 5.8, maybe the Build and Install module still works.