How to subtract velocity components between two successive time steps using Paraview

Dear Paraview Users,

I need to calculate the partial derivative of the velocity components (u, v, w) with respect to time t (to be precise - delu/delt, delv /delt, delw/delt). For this I need to subtract the velocity components of the current timesteps from the velocity component of the next timestep which has to be performed for more than 1000 dumped files at different times steps. Also, I have used adaptive mesh refinement that means I have different number of cells at each timestep which needs to be interpolated to a specific number of grids at each timesteps so that we can perform subtraction of the velocity components. It would be of really great help if one can suggest any filter which can perform the operation between two timesteps which can be repeated for more than 1000 time varying dumpfiles. Also, if you could suggest, how to make use of the temporal array operator or Force time Filter or writing a Python code in paraview using these filters in paraview that would of of really great help ?

Thank you in advance

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TemporalShift should do the trick