How to track the trajectory of an arbitrary point within a polyline cell?

We have a time sequence of a bunch of polylines. If we want to track the motion of the polyline cell centers then we can first apply the ‘cell centers’ filter and then apply the ‘Temporal Particles to Pathlines’ filter to show the trajectory.

Can I track an arbitrary point other than the cell centers? For example, we wish to track the points where the polyline intersects with the x=0 plane at t=0.

Thank you!

Slice on x==0 should work.

Thank you for your reply and could you please explain a bit more? If I apply slice and then apply the temporal pathline, the pathline shows the motion of the intersection point of the polyline and the slice plane x=0 within the plane for all time. What I hope to show is the motion of points initially intersecting with the x=0 plane but later may leave that plane.

Edit -> FindData should let you select points according to certain factors at a certain timestep, then extract selection would let you track them.