How to uninstall/remove ParaView 5.10.1 ?

I’ve been facing problems with the version 5.10.1 when I try to post process any lagragian simulation from openFoam, due to the use of -builtin option which loads .foam extension and cannot read the particle baricentric coordinates.

Thus, I decided to remove this version which I downloaded and installed via .tar archive in the paraview web site and want to use the regular installation that comes with OpenFoam. My problem is that this version 5.10.1 it’s not listed in when I search in sudo dpkg -l or when i use the command sudo apt get remove paraview5.10. Does anyone know how to remove/uninstall this version?

Thanks in advance

You extracted this tar archive somewhere, just remove that somewhere.

If that somewhere is something like /usr/, then you will need to track down each file from the archive manually.