How to use Catalyst?

(Grant) #1

HI, I am new to paraview, I have installed the paraview from source code.

When i building the examples in Calalyst, error had occurred:

When i set “USE_CATALYST” off, the error was gone.

I have downloaded the code “Catalyst-v5.6.0-RC2-Base-Enable-Python-Essentials-Extras-Rendering-Base”, but i don’t know how to use it.
I have used cmake to configure it ,but error had occurred:


Could someone guide me how to use catalyst code?

(Nicolas Vuaille) #2


how did you build your ParaView ? I mean, how do you configure CMake for the build ?
It looks like some needed module were not build in paraview.

If you may share your CMakeCache.txt, it can be usefull.

(Liang Cui) #3

Hi do you successfully realize the function of catalyst live visualization?