How to use ParaView to display this format file: xdmf with binary?

After using the lb/fluid module of lammps to calculate MD, I got the following files (fflow.xdmf fflow.raw), but I couldn’t find the relevant opening solutions in the paraview manual.
Several lines in the xdmf file (fflow.xdmf) look like this:

<Attribute Name="density">
    <DataItem ItemType="Function" Function="$0 * 0.001000" Dimensions="11 11 11">
    <DataItem Precision="8" Format="Binary" Seek="0" Dimensions="11 11 11">

fflow.raw (2.0 MB)
fflow.xdmf (51.3 KB)

When I use paraview, it seems that fflow.raw does not load normally.

Hi @ZhuWenliang,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the discourse!

I downloaded your data and tried to open it in ParaView. I am not getting any errors but it does look like the density field is a constant 1e-3 scalar field at all time steps and the velocity looks like it is zero everywhere.

Are you sure that this is not the result out of the solver? Have you explored the data in any other ways?

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Thank you for your help!
I had a wrong idea that raw files need to be loaded manually. Now my problem has been solved, thank you for your help.