how to use plotOnIntersectionCurve on octree mesh

Im basically trying to plot the surface profile of pressure an an airfoil surface. I have done this before using rectilinear mesh and the process works ok. Now Im moving to an unstructured octree mesh. Im using a distance field to get the airfoil surface, and then using plotOnIntersectionCurve to get the surface pressure profile. This works ok except that the PlotOnIntersectionCurve settings, it includes all the Blocks as seperate datasets (eg Dataset0 to Dataset8) which means loads of flow variables to sort through and select/deselect for the plot options. I want just one dataset ideally, I dont know how/why they have got split into different blocks/datasets, and how to avoid that.

In Paraview 3.98 it looks like this

In paraview 5.11 it looks like this (several line segments are created)

You could try to apply MergeCells before applying the PlotOnIntersectionCurves filter.

thanks Christos, I will give that a try.

Merge Cells, I cannot see that filter…?

My bad ! The correct name is Merge Blocks.

Thanks - yes I can see “Merge Blocks”, but unfortunately (for me) its grey, so I cannot select it.

Can you share the data via wetransfer or some other method ?

yes sure … hold on a minute

Here is my results file that I am working with…

Thanks you for sharing . Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to resolve the issue. I attach a state file in case someone else wants to give it a try.
octree_state.pvsm (1.1 MB)