how to use RGB vectors as rgb coloring in Paraview

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I hope that I can find my answer here.

I created a “VTK” output which gives an RGB vector for each point on my microstructure. The RGB range is (0-255), not (0-1); however, I can normalize the vector as well.

My question is, How do we get the RGB colour in Paraview out of these vectors?

Kindly find my output.

Is it possible? Could you please advise me

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Hesham Salama

Uncheck “Map Scalars” in the advanced option of the representation in the properties panel.

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Thank you, Mathieu, for the quick and helpful reply. I appreciate it.

I have another question, How can I get the colour legend accordingly?

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I’m afraid a color legend would not make any sense without using MapScalars. You should just hide it.

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That is true, I will manually use a colour legend.

Thank you again, Mathieu!