How to visualize spheroids of different sizes according to the particle size properties of points

Experts, I would like to ask you a question about the use of paraview:
I have a bunch of particles, and each of them has its own set of property values. The only thing these particles have in common is that each particle has an attribute that represents the size of the particle. How do I visualize a bunch of particles of different sizes based on that property? Thanks very much! :grinning:

Hi @yuantangjin

You can use the “PointGaussian” representation and enable point size scaling by array.


Thanks for your reply, @mwestphal, Here is a case diagram, in which all particles have a particle size attribute, and each particle size is different. I want to visualize spheroids of different sizes according to this particle size attribute. For the method you mentioned, I don’t know how to carry out the second step, could you please give me more details? Thanks very much!

Enable Advanced properties to find the scale array property

Hi, @mwestphal
Thanks! According to your method, I have successfully realized, thank you very much for your guidance!

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