I encountered difficulties while running the .xmf +hdf5 file

20231213.zip (1.3 MB)Hello, I generated a set of files for XMF and hdf5 after running my code, but I couldn’t run them in Paraview. Therefore, I have reviewed some answers related to my question here, but they still haven’t solved my problem. In addition, I am a new coder, can you help me solve this problem, or is there any problem with my file format. I will be very grateful! I have uploaded all my files, including the Xdmf.dtd file I downloaded.

(  12.894s) [paraview        ]   vtkXdmfHeavyData.cxx:1213   ERR| vtkXdmfReader (0x64e9350): Failed to read attribute data

Looks like your data is not correctly formated, you need to fix your data generation system.