I have several bubbles and how to find the bounds Xmin and Xmax of one of them If I know the coordinate a point belonging to the bubble?

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I am trying to find the range Xmin and Xmax coordinates of a bubble. The problem is “I have several bubbles: one big and several super small bubbles”. When I try to call
bounds = contour1.GetDataInformation().GetBounds()
These small bubbles are lagging and give incorrect bounds. So, how to find the edges of a subdomain in multi-connected region if I give information about one point inside of this subdomain?

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Perhaps the connectivity filter is called for here?

I don’t know the details of your data and pipeline, but once upon a time I used the connectivity filter to demarcate individual droplets in a CFD sim output and then the threshold filter to isolate specific droplets so that I could extract the bounding boxes to get an idea for droplet location and size.