I want to visualize my OpenFOAM simulation results with ParaView but I'm confused, which version should I use ?

Short Answer:

  • go to paraview.org/download
  • download the last version of ParaView available
  • Use it to visualize your results

Long Answer:

OpenFOAM ships with a script named paraFoam, which can be used
to call ParaView with custom OpenFOAM-specific reader modules, as well
as with the standard reader that comes with ParaView/VTK.

As stated in the OpenFOAM wiki, There is almost no reason to use these
particular reader modules instead of the official binary release.

Also, this discourse cannot help with questions about the so-called
paraFoam modules whatsoever, since these reader modules are developed
independently from ParaView.

Note that some versions of the paraFoam script may contain a somewhat
confusing statement:

The official reader module for OpenFOAM data does not exist on
your system. This means that the version of ParaView you are using
was not compiled with OpenFOAM, or distributed with a packaged version
of OpenFOAM.

If you are in the habit of using paraFoam as a command (eg, since it
touches a file into existence), simply use paraFoam -vtk or paraFoam -builtin instead. Use a shell alias.