ia64 build ?

For my hobby, I’d like to install paraview on an old SGI Altix350 that I could save from being destroyed and which is running on SLES11. Unfortunately I cannot find ia64 binaries of paraview (any version would be OK) on the web, although I think I’ve seen it installed on a similar machine some years ago.
would someone know if such a version for ia64 is available somewhere and how I could get it ? I’d like to open huge tomography data, that freezes my PC, but the Altix has around 200Go of RAM.
Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards,



That old SGI sounds neat!

Maybe somebody in the community has an ia64 build that will work, but as you have no doubt noticed, Kitware does not provide ia64 binaries.

Best of luck in your search.


Thanks for replying. Too bad there were no official build, even of an older version of PV. Unfortunately, my compiling skills are too bad to even think about giving it a try.

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