Icon for programmable source not working

Hello !

I’m following this guideline to add icons to my programmable sources: https://www.paraview.org/Wiki/ParaView/Plugin_HowTo#Adding_Icons

However, I’m not able to see the icon image on the list of sources. I’m missing something?

Please, use the attached files to load the plugin called “TEST.xml”, which generates a programmable source called “TEST” (which should use the image TEST.png as icon).

PS: I’m using ParaView 5.5.2 and also 5.10.0 with the same result

Thanks in advance !


TEST.qrc (70 Bytes)
TEST.xml (943 Bytes)

I found the solution:

In the XML file use this hint:

<ShowInMenu category="MyCategory" icon="C:\...\PathToIconFolder\MyIcon.png"/>

Note that the qrc file is not required

PS: if you also want to include this icon in the PipeLineBrowser, use this hint:

<PipelineIcon name="C:\...\PathToIconFolder\MyIcon.png"/>

Also, if you want to put the filter icon in the toolbar, just add this extra hint:

<ShowInMenu category="Common" icon="C:\...\PathToIconFolder\MyIcon.png"/>

Indeed, the filter will be also assigned to the standard category “Common” (besides the custom category “MyCategory”). And since all the filters of the category “Common” are available at the toolbar, then, your filter will also be included in the toolbar.