Identifying streamlines from exported CSV file

Hi, when saving streamlines to a csv file is there an easy way to determine which data points correspond to a single particle? I’m trying to take the csv data into unity to create a vr animation of streamlines, but I’m not sure how the csv file handles coordinates of multiple particles.


I want to note that CSV is not really designed for scivis data like streamlines and other geometry. Rather, it is a simple spreadsheet data format that defines a single table of data and that’s it. CSV is such an easy and common format that it is often convenient to bring it into and out of ParaView. But other than just give you a bag of points, CSV cannot really characterize anything else. So, in short, CSV does not really have a set way save the connections of points along each streamline.


I managed to get a workaround.

Use streamtracer and export data as csv.

On the csv there will be an integration column, use that to get where the line starts and stops. Create the polyline and join them up where the point node are exactly the same. And there you go. You got a continuous polyline using paraview’s csv export.

I used rhino and grasshopper to try this method and now I am moving on to use Unity 3D to use it in an augmented reality.


@hendriko_teguh ,

Could you share your script ? Because I tried to use the "integration time " column, but my stream lines look like drunk fly trajectory and nothing like a flow streamlines …