Image Source File-System

Starting a new topic to focus discussion a the point made in another topic by @mconti :

Regardless of the file-system to which state files are saved, I strongly agree that when in client/server mode all data (specifically talking about but not limited to things like images here - background, logo, path traced environment, etc.) used in the session should come from the same file-system, so the server.

Currently at least those three mentioned sources (logo, background, path traced environment) need be loaded from the client-side machine, so one ends up with a state file that has paths unique to their local machine and thus makes the state file completely unshareable.

I acknowledge that there is a valid counter-argument. That one may not have the images needed on the server, and the typical user may have some trouble pushing them to the server (though I would argue that by saying learning scp is simple enough).

However, I believe that implementing the solution proposed by @mconti and I to solve this issue of surrendering state files useless on any other machine easily outweighs the merits of that counter-argument.

I also acknowledge that another possible solution is to provide the user the option as to which file-system to use for these sources, as has been discussed to address a separate issue in another thread:
But that’s probably unnecessarily complex. I think it’s reasonable to just say that in client/server mode all input comes from the server. As to where all output goes is another story… :slight_smile:

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