Implementation of AMD ProRender and Radeon Rays in Paraview


I would like to know if anyone has looked at AMD’s ProRender engine and ray casting Radeon Rays to see if it can be integrated into Paraview like Nvidia’s IndeX, Optix, OSPRay, etc. This would help in having more options available for rendering which is not hardware dependent. I have been trying but I don’t have the development knowledge, experience or time to work on it.


This is not planned as far as I know, still it would be an interesting feature.
This may not be a trivial task as you said it yourself, but we welcome anyone willing to put some time or funding into this task.

Maybe someone from Kitware can request AMD to look at the implementing it?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It is exciting to see all the photorealistic rendering tools available today.

If anyone from AMD is reading, feel free to reach out to Kitware ( about VTK/ParaView integration :slight_smile:

I suggested this to some AMD folks a couple of years ago. There was interest there back then but nothing took off unfortunately.

Fortunately there is renewed interest in this via the brand new Khronos Analytic Rendering working group which AMD is participating in.

I have been doing some more research and found that AMD has made a porting tool to port CUDA code to HIP which can then run the application on both CUDA and ROCm.
I have found two videos on porting CUDA:


Here is the link to the HIP porting guide:

I emailed Nicholas that does the Hipify presentation in the second video asking to have a look at porting IndeX.