Implementing a Visit Reader in Paraview 5.8.0 ADD_VISIT_PLUGIN_READER

Dear experts,
I recently moved to Paraview 5.8 and need to upgrade a Visit Reader plugin

With Paraview 5.6.0, following the online documentation:

the implementation of the plugin was straightforward since I could use the function:

I can see that since Paraview 5.7.0, this function was simply removed.

Before starting to see how I can translate this function in the new Paraview CMake mechanism, I am wondering whether this feature is still supported and if this is the case, could you point me to some working example since the baseline example Examples/Plugins/VisItReader which is shipped with Paraview sources does not compile anymore.

In advance, many thanks for your valuable help.


We have this issue to track it:

thanks for opening this issue. Nevertheless, can you confirm, that porting the Paraview 5.6 ADD_VISIT_PLUGIN_READER function to the new Paraview 5.8 cmake machinery is the way to go, or does one have to take into account some additional points?

I imagine the API won’t be exactly the same. New CMake APIs have gained much better argument parsing and other things. I’ll likely rename it so that it’s not confused with the old instance of the API.

Dear all,
Thanks to the help of A.Gerschenfeld, we finally managed to fix the issues that we reported here about VisitBridge/Visit which was broken, since Paraview 5.7. and which did not enable us to use one widely used data format: Lata.
We would like to ask for integration of this data format to the list of supported data format by Paraview.
Thus we provide the sources for this plugin, and would like to ask to add this plugin to the list of centrally maintained plugins.

As an attachment, we put the patch which enables to support this data format which is one of the data format supported and heavily used by SALOME, an opensource platform developed at CEA (see
We will appreciate if this patch could be integrated in Paraview, such that it becomes a standard Paraview supported data format.

What is the current process to ask for a plugin integration in Paraview?

Thanks for your reply.
0001-LATA-reader.patch (732.6 KB) 0002-vtkUnstructuredGridRelevantPointsFilter-fix-for-poly(1).patch (4.2 KB)

In order to get your plugin integrated into ParaView, you first need to create a Merge Request on ParaView gitlab.

See here for the process :

We will then evaluate the code and (especially with reader plugins) the dependence of the code.
However, depending of the code quality, our review process can be a bit overwhelming.
Do not hesitate to take contact with our sales team if you are interested with our help with the process.