Import Error: No module named selection

I’m trying to use the selection module in ParaView 5.6.0, but when I run simple script I get the error:
Import Error: No module named selection.

I’m using the simple example on lines 4-27

I assume its an environment variable issue. I can run scripts requiring the simple module. I’m using Ubuntu on Windows 10. I’m using paraFoam, the install which comes with OpenFoam (CFD software)

After much searching around I’ve tried to set the environment variables correctly, but this is not my area of expertise and they could be incorrect. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

which python



I also have another issue i requested help with. I suspect its also linked to this.

You should use ParaView for Windows. You can download it from here :

I have the same problem,and on Windows there is also no selection module. Do you know how to fix that? Thanks.

Are you using ParaView for windows ?

Yes,I use paraview 5.6 for Windows. But yesterday I found that in paraview 5.8 for Windows there is selection module,so I will use Paraview 5.8.

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