Import solidworks simulation results

Hi, is it possible to import simulation results from SolidWorks into Paraview? I have files with multiple extensions such as .BDF/.CWR/.PC4/.P40/.PCF./NP3/etc. which were generated during my simulation, however, after trying importing files didn’t have any luck. I’m very new to Paraview and don’t even know if it’s possible to import one of these into the software for post processing. Does someone know if it’s possible and how to do it?


Web Support

How is that related to Web support ?


None of these file formats are supported by ParaView. If these are CAD formats, then this is expected.

ParaView does support STEP and IGES if solid works can use that.

If not, you will need to export your CAD to geomtry format, eg: obj, stl, ply …

Oh ok, I understand, so should I first import my geometry and simulation results afterwards?

I thought the simulation results were meant to be imported first.


What I mean is you should export to format compatible with ParaView though, whatever data it may be.