ImportError: No module named paraview.detail.pythonalgorithm

I made an installer for mac of a ParaView-based application. What I did:

  1. Execute /Applications/Qt/5.9.9/clang_64/bin/macdeployqt
  2. Copy /Users/user/Desktop/Project/ into /Users/user/Desktop/ProjectInstaller/packages/com.vendor.product/data
  3. cd into ProjectInstaller
  4. Execute /Applications/QtInstaller/bin/binarycreator -c config/config.xml -p packages Project-installer

macdeployqt is supposed to add all the dependencies but I got this error:

No module named paraview.detail.pythonalgorithm and No module named paraview.simple

What I am missing?

If I explore what macdeployqt added to my application I see all this:

You probably missed the Python libraries. They should be placed under They’re probably in a lib/python3.x/site-packages directory near the original app location.