Importing the grd file into Paraview


I’m trying to create a geomodel in Paraview, but there was a problem importing a surface grd file created by Surfer into Paraview.

When I convert the file into a VTK in Surfer and import it into Paraview, it not only appears in 2D, but also accepts the part corresponding to the empty space as data.

The same problem occurs even if I save it as VTK from the time you grid in Surfer and imported it into Paraview.

Could you please help me solving this problem?

  • Summary
    I want to know how to import the surface grd file created by Surfer into Paraview normally.
    Please let me know if there is a way to convert the grd file to a file format that can be read in Paraview without error.

You need the threshold filter to remove the fillvalues (represented in red on your first plot) and then warp by scalar to generate the topography from the other values.

Thank you for your help !

I solved the empty space problem using the filter.

But still, there is a problem that the vtk file appears in two dimensions.

Do you have some ideas about this error?

Have you used the Warp by Scalar filter after applying the threshold? Can you turn the model to view it from the side? If not, you may have to toggle the 2D/3D button in the toolbar on top of the render view.

After using the Warp by Scalar filter, there is a height distance between the empty space and surface.
But the surface is still flat.

You need to apply the warp by scalar on the threshold, not on the surface itself.

Thank you sincerely. I can’t fathom how much time I’ve spent struggling with this process. I appreciate your kind explanation.