Importing .vti image data into ParaView Glance Issue

Hey guys,

I produce a simple VTK image dataset (“model.vti” - xml, not binary) with a single data array called “values”. I can easily drag and drop into ParaView desktop and visualise the “values”, as shown below:

Everything seems normal in ParaView desktop, i can apply filters like clipping, etc and get no error messages. However, when i read/load the same model.vti file into ParaView Glance (the version directly hosted by Kitware on Github), i get thousands of error messages “No scalars from input” and “No input!”, with nothing displaying in the app (shown below). Has anyone experienced this before, or am i doing something wrong with my image data? From the supported file formats web page, i understood that ParaView Glance should be able to visualise/handle .vti files?

My model.vti data:

model.vti (6.8 KB)

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I’ve narrowed down the issue: your model only carries cell data, and right now the pipeline within Glance crashes on that because one step, the image crop filter, expects point data. Since it doesn’t find point data, you get “No scalars from input” errors.

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No problem, understood!

Thanks for taking the time to look into the problem for me.