impossible to import csv in Paraview 5.10.0


I am trying to import a simple csv file to Paraview (5.10.0-RC2), but it returns nothing (File>Open). The same csv file can be imported to 5.5.2 without any problem. Is there something I am missing?

Attached is the csv file.

Thank you!

Hi @ousan ,

Please try with the last release of ParaView, 5.10.1.


Hi @mwestphal, thanks for the guidance. It works in Paraview 5.10.1. Is there any known issues in backward compatibility for state files (pvsm) between two versions? I have lots of them and preferably keep using the existing ones in the new version. Otherwise I will just use 5.10.1 temporarily for treating only the csv files.

There should not be any issues.

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