Improper rendering of cell centered data of multiple blocks in plot3d format

I have the Reynolds stress cell center data of multiple blocks in plot3d binary files. After opening files in Paraview-5.9.0, the surface rendering of data shows the partition of multiple blocks as shown in the attached image.

Please suggest how to get a proper rendering of data.

Thank you

What is wrong here ?

If you look at the xz plane of data, attached in the image. It shows the partition spaces between blocks. How can I reconstruct this to a smooth surface without these partitions?

It looks like the data is missing, please share your files

Files are large in size. I couldn’t upload it here. I added a google drive link for accessing files.
Please inform me if you couldn’t find them.

It seems the data between blocks is just not present. You will have to fix that in your data generation.

This problem is with the cell center data rather than point data of multiple blocks. But, In CFL3D, there is no option to obtain turbulence data at grid points. If possible, can I convert this into a single block of data? or any other way to treat it as a point data.

ParaView cannot fill the gap Im afraid.

Ok @mwestphal, thank you for your response.