Improper Texturing...potential bug?

You may want to give some info here.

I am using Dream3D to create a microstructure. Then I am uploading the microstructure file into paraview to get a visual representation. However, the grains are distorted on some of the faces.

I don’t have this problem though if I look straight down the axis, only when the cube is oriented like in the image.

You may want to provide an example datafile and steps to reproduce, if possible.

The issue is because by default ParaView will load all the geometries that are in the XDMF file that is produced alongside the .dream3d (hdf5) file. Inside the XDMF file there will be 2 geometries defined. A “Rectilinear Grid” and a Triangle based surface mesh. You need to disable one of the “Blocks” (See attached image) and the rendering will look more like you are expecting.