Inconsistent error while creating VTU file


I’m creating multiple VTU files, from mesh described in TXT files.
Most of the time it’s all okay (there is no running error in python). But for sometime (seems random for now) for some files, there is an error in the VTU file on the range of the points (coordinate way to big).

My mesh file is build as below :

  • Mesh : type of element, id of points, value to be set
  • Points : id of point, coordinates (X,Y,Z)

Here are examples of files, with the script, an input file, and two outputs : one is acting as wanted, not the other.

BC_VA.txt (196.1 KB)
BC_VA_error.vtu (28.0 KB)
BC_VA_ok.vtu (28.0 KB) (1.3 KB)

One hypothesis is that python is going through my files to rapidly, even before my VTU files are entirely created. is that possible ?