inconsistent surfaceLIC behavior between serial and parallel


I use the surfaceLIC plugin (often, it’s amazing!) and have noticed for many years that when run in parallel, there are graphical artifacts in the image that make it looks blotchy.

This goes away if run in serial, but then loading the data is very slow. I imagine there is some sort of issue in the parallel rendering. Is that a reasonable guess? Are there any settings (or build flags - I build from source) that would allow me to run paraview in parallel, but render LIC in serial to get rid of this issue?

Do you have IceT disabled by any chance? I had a similar mosaic artifact when using EDL in parallel because of that.

The SurfaceLIC issues in parallel may have several roots : bad data partitioning, inappropriate ghost cells, wrong screenshot size, etc.

Could you please share sample data and simple pipeline to reproduce the issue?