Incorrect behavior of right-click context menu

Hi Paraview,
I found an unexpected behavior in Paraview. Here’s the process to reproduce it.

  1. Create Box1 at (0, 0, 0)
  2. Create Box2 at (1, 1, 1)
  3. Right click on Box1 > Edit Color > choose black

And you’ll see the Box2 becomes black. I guess it changes the active source rather than the source I click, e.g.

But the first two functions (Hide and Representation) in the menu work fine, they do change on the source I click. I wonder how to get the clicked source like the first two function in python script and how the other functions do not work.

Thank you!

Sounds incorrect to me. Thanks for reporting.
@mwestphal @cory.quammen @utkarsh.ayachit What is expected behavior? All behavior should be the same. But what should take presidence? The selection in the pipeline browser or what the user clicks on with the mouse? I’m tempted to say what the mouse is on?

sounds like a bug to me. The clicked on representation should indeed be the one that should be affected.

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Thanks for the reply to confirm this issue. Beside it, I am curious about how Paraview infers the clicked source. I want to reproduce it in python script, but I cannot find any clue in the python trace tool.