Increase accuracy of dsa.WrapDataObject

Dear all,

I am trying to work with a python programmable filter. The problem that I am having is that the dsa.WrapDataObject imports the arrays with dtype=dtype32 but my data has +40 decimals that I need to keep in my scripts. Is it possible to request the dsa.WrapDataObject to import the data from paraview with dtype=dtype64?

My script looks like the following:

import vtk
from paraview.vtk.numpy_interface import algorithms as algs
from vtkmodules.vtkCommonDataModel import vtkDataSet
import vtk.numpy_interface.dataset_adapter as dsa
import numpy as np

# ----- Wrap data
input_0 = dsa.WrapDataObject(inputs[0])

# ----- Flatten data
flat_array = []
for blk in input_0 :
	data2append = blk.PointData['x'] # data2append type: <class 'vtk.numpy_interface.dataset_adapter.VTKArray'>
	for item in data2append :
		flat_array.append(item) # item type: <class 'numpy.float32'> ( I need it to be float64 to take into account all the decimals!)

How could I retrieve the data from paraview in float64? Thank you in advance!

Is the data from the dataset_adapter (dsa) available only in python in float32 format?