Incremental Trace No Longer Scrolling to Bottom

First of all, thanks for the updates and new version of the software!

Now on to the complaining … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In 5.10 official I’ve noticed that the Incremental Trace window no longer scrolls to the bottom as code is captured. It seems to always reset to about 60% of the way down.
I just confirmed it was behaving as expected as recently as 5.10 RC2.

Note that these experiences are with the Windows MPI binary.

I could have sworn I once saw an issue for this but cannot find it.
Can someone point me to that link so I can re-open the issue? Or should I just file a new one?

Theodore, feel free to open a new issue for this. Thanks.

Tested on MacOS 5.10.0, download. Works correctly. Note I had to “Reset to Default Settings” to clean a few weirdnesses up. I will download and test Windows next.

Tested Windows 10, download. Works correctly. Again, I had to Reset to Default Settings. I don’t think this is a 5.10.0 bug, but possibly a configuration issue.

@wascott Indeed, restoring to default settings did the trick for me. Incremental trace works as expected now.