Individually Customize Glyphs


I have recently begun to use Paraview and I am attempting to implement order parameter or the distribution of data into my model. In order to this, I was wondering if I could individually customized the width or shape of each glyph. I am currently using a glyph filter to symbolize the vectors for my model.


To customize the shape of the glyph, the Glyph With Custom Source filter may be used.


Thank you for your response. Is it possible to use a cone shape with the custom glyph filter? Also, how would I implement the filter utilizing a vtk file. I currently have a manually created vtk file using a MatLab vtk write function.


Is it possible to use a cone shape with the custom glyph filter?

If you want a cone shape as a source, you can select Cone as the Glyph Type in the Glyph filter.

If you also want to set a shape from an external file as a source, you could use the Glyph With Custom Source filter, as shown in the video below.

Thank you for the example. Is it possible to customize each arrow separately? I have only been able to customize all the glyphs together.

I am sorry that I do not clearly understand what you want to do. What exactly do you mean by customizing each arrow individually?

Instead of changing the shape of all the glyphs, I want to make each glyph a different shape. For example, I use vectors/arrows for my model. However, I want to change each arrow into a different shaped cone or a different sized cone from each other.

If your data contains vector field data, the size of each cone should vary from place to place if you set the following in the Glyph filter:
Scale Array: Specify the vector field variable
Vector Scale Mode: Select Scale by Magnitude

Further information can be found at

Oh, I see. The data needs to be different sizes. What vtk writer do you typically use? I am a beginner and have been using an auto writing code through MatLab.

The legacy vtk format (*.vtk) is often used as input to ParaView.

Note that the Glyph filter in ParaView requires vector values. Will the vtk files automatically output by MatLab not contain vector values? It would be clearer if you could share your vtk file.

If each component of the vector is output as a scalar value, you will need to convert them to vector values, e.g. with a Calculator filter:

This is the vtk file data I have at the moment.
trial5.vtk (15.7 KB)

Thank you for sharing your data.

I have tried the setting to scale the size of each cone by the magnitude of the vector, but the range of values is so narrow that the size of the cone seems to change only slightly, as shown in the figure below. However, this drawing seems reasonable.

@jkim : What you want to do can be done using the 3D Glyph representation, see this:

Hello Mathieu,

I do not see 3D Glyph Representation on my Paraview application.

please try witrh pv 5.10.1

I assume you are referring to the glyph filter. However, my goal is to have different shaped glyphs for each vector of my data set. Is there any way to accomplish this through the vtk file?

No, I’m talking about the 3D glyph representation, please read the topic I linked. It lets you do exatly what you want.